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Welcome to the Safer Solutions IPM project. This project aims to inspire and encourage the community, industry, managers and policy makers to reduce the use and reliance on synthetic chemical pesticides by adopting Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Children are most at risk from pesticide exposure. By adopting IPM as the standard for pest management in all schools, childcare centres and other public places such as parks and pools, childrenís exposure to synthetic pesticides can be minimised and their health better protected.

"Everyone wants the best for their children and to protect them from danger.
So why would anyone knowingly allow their children to be unnecessarily exposed
to toxic pesticides when effective alternatives exist?"

Christine Haugen
Outreach Director, Rachel Carson Council Inc.

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Who's the author?


Who's the illustrator?

Brenton Eszra Mckenna
I'm studying to become a comic book artist/cartoonist. I'm from Broome western Australia. Doing the illustrations for Safer Solutions has been heaps of fun. It was my first real experience as an artist in the work field. It has been as much fun learning about the insects as it was to draw them. Enjoy learning from Jo's book and take care of the environment.




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