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Renovations GuideSafer Solutions for Safer Renovations’ is Total Environment Centre’s (TEC) recently released guide to safeguarding a family's health by reducing chemical pollution from home renovations. It is designed to help renovators choose healthier and safer ways to ‘greenovate’ their homes.

New guide to reducing chemical pollution from home renovations

Jo Immig, environmental scientist and Safer Solutions spokesperson said:

“Australians on average move or renovate every seven years and over 50% of homeowners will look to renovate at some stage. Home renovations can offer a wonderful sense of renewal and change but the hidden costs to our health and the environment are often overlooked.”

“Expectant parents need to be especially wary of the increase in chemical pollution that can result from nursery renovations. Many parents acting with the best intentions will freshly paint and carpet a nursery but in doing so unwittingly place newborns in a highly toxic environment. Babies are at greatest risk from chemical exposures because their skin absorbs up to three times the amount of chemical absorbed by adults.”

“Recent findings place chemical exposure from common household products high on the list of possible causes for the increase in breast cancer. There is an increasing trend of women undertaking renovations so it is critical that they are aware of the risks associated with the chemicals they come into contact with while renovating”, she said.

The ‘Safer Solutions for Safer Renovations’ guide provides renovators with a description of the most common indoor pollutants such as Formaldehyde, PVC and Volatile Organic Compounds, information and advice on safer products and material selection and websites from where chemical free products and materials can be sourced.

For further information contact:Deb Cooke (02) 9261 3437 (Weds/Fridays) or 0404 255 634
For interviews contact the Safer Solutions spokesperson:
Ms Jo Immig Ph: (02) 6687 1900 (h/w)

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