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How does vinegar work as a cleaner? PDF Print E-mail

White vinegar is a dilute and impure form of acetic acid and is suitable as a general cleaner.


  • cleans windows, glass, chrome and mirrors and leaves a shiny finish when dry wiped with an absorbent cloth such as an old nappy
  • has a disinfectant-like effect due to its acidity which creates a hostile environment for microorganisms, making it useful for disinfecting cutting boards, splash panels behind stoves, walls, cutlery, ovens including microwaves and cooking utensils
  • is a useful mould remover - make a paste of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, apply and leave for 30 minutes then scour with the paste and rinse
  • white vinegar boiled with water poured into a teapot or rinsed through a coffee machine removes deposits. 

Buy cheap, white vinegar for use in cleaning. 

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