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Oven cleaners are available in aerosol or brush-on form, or as vapour cleaners. Common ingredients of oven cleaners are caustic soda and ammonia.

Aerosol or brush-on cleaners contain caustic soda and solvents and are very corrosive to skin and eyes. Great care needs to be taken not to inhale the fumes, ingest the foam, liquid or powder, nor let them come into contact with the skin.

Vapour cleaners give off ammonia when the can of powder is topped up with hot water and placed in the oven. The can has to be kept there for an hour while the ammonia gas is produced. The gas will escape into the kitchen and house and it is extremely irritating to the nose, throat and eyes. These cleaners are not recommended.

Store oven cleaners in a locked or childproof cupboard, as they may be lethal to a child if swallowed.

Environmental effects
Caustic soda will rapidly attack aluminium items and will slowly etch glass. If it is mixed with any preparation containing ammonia, ammonia gas may be evolved.

Concentrated solutions are harmful to aquatic life but there is no residual effect once they are diluted.

Washing soda with steel wool can be used to clean an oven. While the oven is still warm, wipe it down with a soapy cloth.

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