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These products generally contain bleach, often chlorine bleach, with a thickener added to the solution to keep it on the mouldy area.

Health effects
Chlorine bleaches must be kept separate from acids such as sodium bisulphate toilet cleaner because quantities of highly toxic chlorine gas will be produced if they are mixed.

Environmental effects
(See Bleaches.)

A scrubbing brush and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) used frequently is effective. Steel wool may work on tiles. Ensure wet areas are well ventilated to reduce mould. Some biologists even recommend the use of 'tame' slugs in the bathroom, by providing an upturned ceramic dish as a daytime refuge and letting the slugs wander over the ceramics at night feasting on mould---this method is probably not for the squeamish! Continued exposure to the chemicals in our detergents and shampoos may be tough on the slugs as well.

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